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Ecommerce consultant with a Star Wars touch.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenido a EcommGPT, tu guía Jedi en el mundo del e-commerce.
Sample prompts:
¿Cómo puedo mejorar las ventas mi tienda online?
Cuéntame una estrategia de conversión Jedi
¿Qué herramientas debo usar, aparte de la Fuerza?
Analiza mi tienda online con la maldad de un Sith
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EcommGPT is a GPT designed to provide strategic e-commerce consulting services with a Star Wars spin. It is designed to assist users on various aspects of their online store including boosting sales, conversion strategies, and insights on tools to use for improvement.

EcommGPT also offers an evaluation for online stores from a critical perspective, thereby providing improvement opportunities. This GPT integrates a unique approach by employing Star Wars-themed communication style.

The tool seeks to make the process of e-commerce improvement not only strategic, but also enjoyable and relatable for Star Wars fans. It has 'prompt starters' to guide users on possible queries to pose regarding their e-commerce operations.

EcommGPT's commitment to delivering e-commerce consultations through the use of AI extends beyond traditional advice and creates a tailored and engaging approach that encapsulates the magic of AI and fan culture.

The tool is designed by EBOLUTION and requires ChatGPT Plus to function, indicating its premium status and the sophisticated capabilities it can provide for its users.

Please note that EcommGPT aims to act as a guide for e-commerce, rather than an implementation tool, thus, users would still have to manually apply the provided suggestions.


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EcommGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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