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LinkedIn engagement and sales prospecting enhanced.
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Tappy is an AI browser extension designed to assist LinkedIn users in adding thoughtful comments to posts with just one tap. Unlike other AI browser extensions, Tappy boasts exceptional comment quality.

This tool is primarily used for sales prospecting, as it allows users to engage with recent LinkedIn posts from potential prospects, thereby maintaining their visibility.

Tappy also enables users to enhance their personal branding by leaving comments on posts by other content creators, thereby increasing their own visibility and growing their audience.

Furthermore, Tappy can be utilized for job hunting purposes, as users can engage with job postings and managers on LinkedIn to increase their visibility as a potential candidate.

In terms of data privacy, the Tappy Chrome extension only has access to data from and URLs, with data collection limited to the text of the posts and comments made by the user.

Tappy does not analyze all LinkedIn content while scrolling. The tool utilizes end-to-end encryption for data in transit and storage, and it does not store any useful data to sell.

Tappy is available exclusively as a Chrome Extension and offers a free account that is limited to five comments per day. Upgrading or downgrading an account can be done by reaching out to [email protected].

The tool was developed by Patrick, a product/engineering executive with experience at NASA and Galileo.


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Tappy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Exceptional comment quality
Enhances personal branding
Facilitates job hunting
Data privacy safeguards
Specific URL data access
Selective LinkedIn content analysis
Text only analysis
Future potential for multimedia analysis
End-to-end data encryption
Limited data storage
Chrome Extension availability
Free account option
Account upgradation and downgradation flexibility
Does not sell data
Limited to five comments per day in free version
Sales prospecting assistance
Visibility maintenance feature
1-tap comments
Automated sales prospecting
Increases candidate visibility
Can be utilized for engaging
Improves community engagement


Exclusive to Chrome
Limited free account
Paid upgrade required
Doesn't analyze all content
Doesn't support multimedia analysis
Predominantly LinkedIn focused
Not an open-source
Requires manual account upgrades/downgrades
Potentially biased comment generation
No API provided


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How does Tappy help in personal branding?
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