Marketing assets 18 Jan 2023
Filter and analyze social media comments.

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BrandBastion is an AI-powered social engagement platform that helps businesses manage their comments, analyze sentiment, hide unwanted messages and find messages that need a response.

The platform features a unified inbox to view all comments from posts, ads, and dynamic ads in one place. AI is used to show which comments need a response or should be hidden, while powerful filters can be used to sort comments by sentiment, keywords, campaign, post, platform, etc.

Notifications can also be set up for spikes in comment volume or keyword mentions. Saved replies enable businesses to quickly respond to common questions, and conversations can be assigned to specific team members for better collaboration.

BrandBastion also provides actionable insights from conversations, including sentiment analysis and content resonance. The platform covers Facebook (organic, ads, dynamic ads), Instagram (organic, ads, PAC Ads), YouTube (organic, ads), Twitter (organic, ads, mentions) and TikTok (organic, ads).


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