Candidate screening 2023-08-30
Optimized recruitment and candidate screening.
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Linkeo is an AI-powered tool designed to optimize and streamline the recruitment process. It offers several features that aim to reduce the time and effort spent on evaluating resumes and selecting ideal candidates for job positions.One of the core functionalities of Linkeo is its ability to match job descriptions with top candidate profiles in real-time.

By utilizing its AI assistant, the tool instantly matches job requirements with candidate skillsets, eliminating the need for manual sorting and saving significant time for the recruitment team.Additionally, Linkeo ensures precise skills matching between candidates and job requirements.

Its intelligent solution performs in-depth analysis to guarantee that no relevant matches are overlooked, providing access to qualified talents for exceptional opportunities.The tool also optimizes the selection process by automating candidate screening.

By instantly identifying profiles that meet specific criteria, Linkeo frees the recruitment team from manual sorting, resulting in increased efficiency and time savings.Moreover, Linkeo helps discover hidden talent by highlighting qualified candidates who may have been overlooked otherwise, thus expanding recruitment options and enriching the candidate pool.Furthermore, the tool offers analysis and continuous improvement capabilities, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing the quality of matches.

With Linkeo, recruiters can identify the ideal candidates for each position, optimizing the recruitment process.Linkeo provides various subscription plans with different levels of usage, catering to diverse recruitment needs.

It offers features such as candidate evaluation, analysis reports, and upcoming LinkedIn and Indeed matching integration.Overall, Linkeo empowers recruiters to make intelligent and efficient hiring decisions, ultimately saving time and improving recruitment outcomes.

Linkeo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 2nd 2023.
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