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Job screening and interviewing solution.
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GreetAI is an AI-driven tool that offers smart screening services for job applicants. It uses an AI-powered interviewer to screen applicants on a large scale, providing screening capabilities anytime and anywhere.

The platform allows recruiters to create job descriptions and share the link with applicants. Once applicants apply for the job, the AI interviewer conducts pre-screening and live interviews, providing a summary of the interview along with a Matching Score.

In addition to applicant screening, GreetAI also offers the option for individuals to assess their own skills. Users can schedule an AI meeting and receive instant interview results via email.

For recruiters, GreetAI simplifies the hiring process by generating job descriptions that serve as guidelines for the AI interviewer. The AI compares applicant responses to the job description, ultimately providing a match score to help streamline the selection process.

It is worth noting that GreetAI is currently free to use, and recruiters can post as many jobs as desired. However, there is a limit of 20 interview credits, which allows for 20 AI-conducted screening interviews.

To learn more about GreetAI's services, users can refer to their website's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tool can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter for further engagement.


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Pros and Cons


Smart screening services
Large scale screenings
Recruiters create job descriptions
Pre-screening and live interviews
Provides interview summary
Matching Score for applicants
Skill assessment for individuals
Instant interview results via email
Free to use
Unlimited job postings
Job description matching scores
Comprehensive Terms of Use
Detailed Privacy Policy
Presence on LinkedIn and Twitter


Limited to 20 interviews
No personalized feedback features
No multi-language support
No video-based interviews
Lack of integration options
No diversity bias checks
Limited interview analytics provided


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How many AI-conducted screening interviews can I conduct on GreetAI?
What happens when I run out of interview credits on GreetAI?
How can GreetAI assist in simplifying the hiring process?
In what ways does GreetAI compare applicant's responses to job descriptions?
Is it possible to use GreetAI for remote interviews?
How does GreetAI manage dynamic two-way conversations?
Is GreetAI a free tool?
How quickly can I get the results of the AI interview on GreetAI?
Where can I access the terms of use and privacy policy for GreetAI?
Can I engage with GreetAI on social media platforms?
Is there a limit to the number of interviews I can schedule on GreetAI?
How does GreetAI deal with organic voice conversations?
Can I get instant email results for interviews done on GreetAI?


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