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Improved hiring process via intelligent screening.
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FastTrack Talent is a tool designed to streamline the hiring process by acting as an intelligent screening assistant. It offers a smart form that prompts applicants with follow-up questions based on their responses.

The tool assigns scores to the submissions on a scale of 1-10 and generates summaries of each applicant's qualifications. These summarized profiles are then seamlessly transferred to an Airtable sheet, allowing for easy organization and review of candidate information.By automating the initial screening process, FastTrack Talent eliminates the need for manual review of numerous resumes and cover letters.

This saves time and energy for recruiters, enabling them to focus on evaluating the most promising candidates.FastTrack Talent is described as a sidekick that handles the screening homework, thereby enabling the recruitment team to concentrate on identifying the top applicants.

The tool's user-friendly interface makes it simple for candidates to complete the application process and provide essential information such as their full name, desired position, skills and qualifications, motivation for applying, LinkedIn profile (optional), and email address.To learn more about FastTrack Talent, users can visit the provided link, which redirects to the startup's website.

Additionally, a demo of the tool is available, allowing potential users to experience its features firsthand.Overall, FastTrack Talent offers an efficient and effective solution for organizations seeking to optimize their hiring processes by automating screening and simplifying candidate evaluation.


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FastTrack was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Intelligent screening assistant
Smart follow-up questions
Scoring system 1-10
Generates qualification summaries
Transfers profiles to Airtable
Saves recruiters' time
Reduces manual review workload
User-friendly interface
Collects essential candidate information
Online demo available
Optimizes hiring processes
Automates screening
Simplifies candidate evaluation


Limited to Airtable integration
Question responses may vary
No resume parsing
No API provided
Lack of multilingual support
No inbuilt communication system
Lacks advanced analytics
No real-time collaboration
Limited scalability
No integration with job boards


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Where can I learn more about FastTrack Talent?
Does FastTrack Talent offer a demo?
How does the FastTrack Talent tool transfer information to Airtable?
What are the necessary details candidates need to provide to FastTrack Talent?
How does FastTrack Talent generate a summary of candidate qualifications?
Can FastTrack Talent be used for multiple job positions?
What does it mean that FastTrack Talent acts as a 'screening homework' sidekick?
Are there any other features offered by FastTrack Talent?
Does FastTrack Talent require LinkedIn profiles of candidates?
How can I reset my data on FastTrack Talent?
Does FastTrack Talent cater to a specific size or type of organization?
How reliable is FastTrack Talent's scoring system?


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