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Enhanced customer experience email responses
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CX Assist is an AI-powered tool that automates email responses to boost efficiency and enhance customer experience. It offers personalized, AI-driven email responses tailored to individual clients.

The tool allows users to upload their existing knowledge base in various formats, such as txt, csv, doc, or pdf, and the platform's AI analyzes and extracts key insights to power the email assistant.

Users can set personalized rules, including personality, urgency, and keywords, to assign emails to human representatives or the AI assistant, striking a balance between automation and human interaction.Once the knowledge base is uploaded and rules are set, the powerful email assistant takes over, freeing up the user's team to focus on high-impact activities.

CX Assist offers features like custom personas for replies (Sales, Support, Generalist), inbox autopilot to read and reply to unread messages, custom check intervals to set response frequency, ignore lists to exclude specific domains or emails, and auto-assigning specific emails to a human for manual review and reply.

The tool supports training the AI using company content, product documents, and more.CX Assist offers simple, transparent pricing with plans based on the number of emails it responds to per month and provides additional features like basic support, premium support, and the option for custom volume plans.

It supports Google email accounts for integration. Users can easily set up and manage their email accounts through the platform, and train the AI using their own training materials in multiple formats.


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