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Online retailer sales boost.
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Mason is an AI-powered tool that aims to help online retailers boost their sales and improve their margins. It offers various features such as Shoppable Quizzes, Price Drops, and Personalized Upsells to enhance the shopping experience and increase conversions.

Mason's AI shopping engine allows users to convert website visitors into shoppers by providing personalized offers based on their preferences and behaviors.

It also enables retailers to implement smart cross-sells and upsells, offering AI-powered product bundles and volume discounts to each visitor. Additionally, Mason offers VIP sales and lightning deals that can be scheduled for maximum sales impact.

The tool provides vital analytics, including order insights and click-through rates, to help users understand their store's performance and make informed decisions.

Mason also offers playbooks that provide growth strategies based on performance data, assisting retailers in developing effective marketing and merchandising strategies.

With Mason, users can automate various aspects of their online store, including new arrivals, out/in stock items, and bestsellers, allowing them to focus on growing their business.


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