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Compare prices and suggest shopping options.
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Klarna, a global payments, shopping, and retail banking service, has collaborated with OpenAI to provide a more personalized and intuitive shopping experience through ChatGPT.

The partnership allows Klarna to offer curated product recommendations to users who seek shopping advice and inspiration, with links to shop for products through the Klarna search and compare tool.

By installing the Klarna plugin from ChatGPT's plugin store, consumers simply ask ChatGPT for shopping ideas, and an automatic selection of relevant items gets provided.

Shoppers can also prompt for more product recommendations and compare prices across different brands. Through this collaboration, Klarna aims to create additional opportunities for retailers to acquire new customers while creating innovative ways for millions of users to discover new products.

The plugin is only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the US and Canada and will become accessible to more users and regions over time following a period of safety testing, development, and improvement.

Klarna is committed to developing AI safely and responsibly and aligns with OpenAI's dedication to this practice. Klarna's rich product search tool that enables users to filter products by color, size, customer ratings, and more is another example of the company's commitment to innovation.


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Klarna ChatGPT plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized shopping experience
Curated product recommendations
Easy installation from plugin store
Automatic relevant item selection
Option to prompt more product recommendations
Price comparison across different brands
Innovation to acquire new customers
Filter by color, size, and customer ratings
Collaboration with global payments and banking service
Rich product search tool
Available to subscribers in multiple regions
Safety testing and continuous improvement
Opportunity for retailers to acquire new customers


Limited regional availability
ChatGPT Plus subscription required
Dependent on ChatGPT's plugin store
Potential safety testing issues
Only recommends curated products
Limited to Klarna's retail partners
No offline functionality
Limited customer filtering options


What is the Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
How does the Klarna ChatGPT plugin assist in shopping?
How does the Klarna ChatGPT plugin suggest shopping options?
What are some of the features of the Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
Can I compare product prices using Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
How does the Klarna ChatGPT plugin work?
How can I install the Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
Is the Klarna ChatGPT plugin available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers?
In what regions is the Klarna ChatGPT plugin available?
What kind of product recommendations does Klarna ChatGPT plugin offer?
Why did Klarna and OpenAI collaborate on the Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
What benefits does the Klarna ChatGPT plugin offer to retailers?
What benefits does the Klarna ChatGPT plugin offer to users?
Does Klarna ChatGPT plugin undergo safety testing?
Can the Klarna ChatGPT plugin offer personalized shopping experience?
How does Klarna align with OpenAI's dedication to develop AI safely?
Can I filter products by color, size, customer ratings etc using Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
Is Klarna ChatGPT plugin a part of Klarna's commitment to innovation?
What is Klarna's mission with the creation of Klarna ChatGPT plugin?
Can users provide feedback on product recommendations on Klarna ChatGPT plugin?

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