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Improve on-shelf presence and streamline store audits.
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Eyrene is an AI-powered digital merchandising tool that aims to improve on-shelf presence in stores. It offers a patented mobile image recognition technology that accurately identifies products, price tags, promotions, equipment, and POS materials in real time, without the need for manual intervention or an internet connection.

This feature supports both Android and iOS devices and focuses on budget devices. It helps sales reps and merchandisers save time and reduce errors during shelf audits and price audits.The tool also includes a KPI engine that calculates quantitative KPIs based on the image recognition results.

It supports key industry KPIs such as share of shelf, on-shelf availability, out-of-shelf, brand blocks, and planogram compliance. Additionally, the tool provides a web portal that offers data visibility and control over field staff activities, including tasks, visits, photos, and more.Eyrene offers BI dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI Embedded technology for web users.

It supports integrations and APIs for raw data access, including server-server, mobile-server, and mobile-mobile integration scenarios. The tool also provides a Superviser Mode in the mobile app for supervisors to monitor their subordinates' visits, view results, and create tasks.Professional services are available for customization and technical support is provided in English with various support channels.

According to the company, most of its customers experience at least a 10x return on investment after implementing Eyrene, with improvements in sales, audit time reduction, and lower costs compared to other image recognition solutions.

Customer testimonials emphasize the speed, accuracy, scalability, and transparency of Eyrene's image recognition capabilities.


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