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Upload a photo and hear what's on their mind!
GPT welcome message: Hey! Share a photo, I'll make a quick, fun guess!
Sample prompts:
What's this person thinking?
Guess the mood from this photo.
What's on their mind?
Interpret this expression.
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Photo Psychic | Mind Reader is a GPT that allows users to apply a unique interaction of image recognition and ChatGPT. Its primary function is to provide insights into what a person might be thinking based on a photo.

Users are required to upload a photo of a person. Once the picture is uploaded, this GPT makes assumptions, or 'reads the mind' of the individual in the picture, and provides an output accordingly.

These presumptions can range from decoding the mood from the facial expressions to making creative guesses about the person's thoughts at that moment.

The interaction is presented in a conversational manner where the GPT generates the output as if chatting with the user. Hence, it could be used for generating interpretative analysis of facial expressions or for pure amusement.

Please note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for its operation. Although it infers interpretations of different expressions and moods based on the input photo, it is essential to understand that these 'thoughts' or 'moods' are algorithmically generated and are supposed to be fun guesses, not definitive conclusions.

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