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ByShuyuan Shen
Creating tailored clothing previews and fashion advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to 赛博试衣间! Let me create clothing previews and offer fashion advice tailored to you.
Sample prompts:
Suggest an athleisure outfit
Show me a fitness look
Recommend a stylish sportswear
Create a gym outfit for me
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Cyber Fitting Room is a GPT designed to revolutionize the online shopping experience by simulating the functions of a physical fitting room. This involves generating clothing previews and offering custom-tailored fashion advice.

Upon a user's request, it can also provide shopping links, thereby acting as a personal shopping assistant. The GPT uses input prompts to interact with users.

These prompts act as directions, guiding the GPT on what to do. For example, the GPT can suggest appropriate clothing for different situations, like athleisure or gym attire, based on user input.

Cyber Fitting Room, thus, merges digital convenience with personalized customer service. Its function is not just to provide an online catalog of clothing options, but to help users to visualize how specific selections would look on them.

This feature can provide users with increased certainty and satisfaction with their potential purchases. The GPT's ability to provide personalized fashion advice can also enhance a user's understanding of their style preferences.

It can guide users towards clothing items that would not only fit their size but also their personality, fashion taste, and the occasion. Overall, Cyber Fitting Room has the potential to make online shopping a more interactive, satisfying, and personalized journey.


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