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Atricent is an AI-powered fashion platform providing a unique combination of personal styling, virtual try-on technology, and social commerce. The platform employs an advanced neural network to generate customized fashion recommendations in line with each user's individual tastes and preferences.

Atricent's interactive wardrobe feature allows users to store, mix, and match their purchases to create outfits, which they can then share with the community.

To enhance online shopping experience, Atricent offers a virtual try-on feature, allowing users to virtually try on clothes for the perfect fit before making a purchase, thereby minimizing risks of buying incorrect sizes or styles.

Atricent also encourages social sharing of styles, allowing users to express themselves and connect with other fashion enthusiasts on popular social platforms.

Users can sync their Atricent account with their social media, which enables easier sharing and engagement. Atricent transforms the fashion experience by redefining online shopping with AI-driven personalization, virtual try-on experiences, and social connectivity.

Its mission is to empower individuals to curate a wardrobe that amplifies their unique identity, fostering a vibrant community where users share their style, inspire others, and redefine self-expression.


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Atricent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Customized fashion recommendations
Advanced neural network
Interactive wardrobe feature
Virtual try-on feature
Social sharing of styles
Sync with social media
Size fit assurance
Community engagement online
Online wardrobe management
Personalized feed
Digital wardrobe organization
Social influencer collaborations
User style curation
Connect with fashionistas globally
Eliminates guesswork in pricing
Crafts outfits based on occasion
Offers personalized fashion journey
Redefines online shopping experience
Facilitates sharing on social platforms
Cross-platform availability (iOS, Android)
Turns tech-lovers into trendsetters
A platform for style community
Helps in swift decision-making
Saves shopping time
Minimizes risk of incorrect purchases


Requires social media sync
Dependent on user engagement
Requires camera access
Reliant on community interaction
No offline capabilities
Limited to fashion industry
No web-based version


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