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Virtual Try-On on right-click
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The fAIshion Virtual Try-On Plugin is a browser extension designed to enhance the online shopping experience. It functions as a personal AI purchasing assistant, providing practical solutions for users interacting with various apparel brands.

One of the key features of the plugin is its capacity for a face swap with model images initiated by a simple right-click. This allows users to visualize how specific clothes might look on them.

Additionally, the plugin's size recommendation feature uses AI to provide size suggestions based on input body dimensions, considerably improving the likelihood of selecting well-fitting items.

Users have found these features to be transformative in their online shopping experiences, particularly praising the plugin for its convenience, practicality, and usability.

The fAIshion Virtual Try-On Plugin is committed to user privacy, assuring that user data is neither sold nor used for unrelated purposes. The plugin has a high rating and positive user reviews, indicating satisfactory performance and a strong reputation.


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Apr 28, 2024
I've always been skeptical about how clothes will actually look on me when shopping online. This extension completely eliminates that guesswork by allowing me to see the outfits on my own image within different background!! It's incredibly convenient and practical, enhancing the online shopping experience immensely. Plus, it's completely free! I highly recommend giving it a try.
Apr 23, 2024
Absolutely love the fAIshion AI Chrome extension! It has completely transformed my online shopping experience. The virtual try-on feature is a game-changer, allowing me to see exactly how clothes will look on me before making a purchase. Plus, the size recommendation engine is incredibly accurate—I don't have to remember my body dimensions; the AI reads the size chart and tells me what size fits me best. Highly recommend for anyone looking to streamline their shopping process and make more confident buying decisions!

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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Face swap technology
Size recommendation feature
Visually try clothes
Improves online shopping experience
User privacy protected
High rating
Positive user reviews
Apparel visualization
Personalized shopping
Not selling user data
Not used for unrelated purposes
Strong reputation
Good track record
Recommended practices followed


Only a browser extension
Limited to apparel visualization
Dependent on user-provided measurements
Requires right-click action
Face-swap may be inaccurate
No styling suggestions
Size recommendation may be off
No support for offline use
Limited languages support
Privacy concerns due to necessary data collection


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