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Personalized email assistant for B2B sales.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered email assistant that uses ChatGPT technology to create personalized drafts for your emails. Designed specifically for B2B sales, agencies, and entrepreneurs, Warmest automatically drafts an email response by using your inbox as a reference point of your previous writing style when you receive an email.

The tool is designed to save time by drafting emails that would usually take hours to write. Warmest is structured to work effectively for a business environment, offering personalized and tailored copy to your customers.

This AI-assistant is suitable for companies, entrepreneurs, and agencies who need to reply to their customers promptly. The tool helps to speed up customer response times and save hundreds of hours spent writing emails each week.

Additionally, Warmest is easy to use—once you receive an email, the tool begins preparing a personalized draft instantly that you would be able to review and make adjustments before sending.

Warmest also guarantees that replies are delivered in a more personalized and professional style.


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Warmest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


B2B specific design
Inbox-based personalization
Significant time savings
Increases response speed
Easy setup
Instant draft preparation
Enhanced professionalism
Tailored customer responses
Fits company, agency, entrepreneur usage
Facilitates quick revisions
Leverages past email discussions
Saves on repetitive tasks


Limited to email replies
Specific for B2B sales
May not capture nuances
Relies on past email data
Personalization may lack depth
No translation features
Requires review before sending
Adaption to writing style varies
Potentially long setup process
No integration with other tools


What is
How does use ChatGPT technology?
In which way is designed for B2B sales and agencies?
How does use my inbox to create email drafts?
How does help me save time?
Can adapt my writing style?
Who can benefit from using
What happens when I receive an email while using
How does speed up customer response times?
What do I need to do after prepares an email draft?
Is suitable for entrepreneurs?
Can I make adjustments to the email drafts provided by
What distinguishes's draft replies?
Does offer a free trial?
How does increase productivity for B2B sales?
How does guarantee professional replies?
Can help enhance personalization in communication?
How does leverage my previous emails in the drafting process?
Do I need any special skills to use
How can I get started with using

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