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Personalized ad platform boosts e-commerce sales.
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AdswithAI is a SaaS platform that allows users to create personalised and unique visual and caption ads using AI to enhance e-commerce sales and advertising performance.

By uploading a PNG photo of their product, users can generate 20 HD ads images with captions in different backgrounds, such as city skylines, beaches, forests, and many more.

The generated images and captions will be sent to the user's email inbox within 15 minutes after payment. AdswithAI allows users to create Ads for multiple use-cases: Ads, Social Media posts, Product Descriptions, and Photo Shoots.

Moreover, the tool is optimised for any aspect ratio. AdswithAI is a product made by Augmented Human Intelligence Ltd., a private limited company based in London, UK.

It is worth noting that the AI may generate artefacts and defects out of the developers' control. Furthermore, adswithAI does not process unethical products as it aims to maintain ethical values in its advertising.

Users take responsibility for the image provided, and they understand that they own full ownership of the images uploaded and received AI Ads. The privacy of data is a top priority for the developers, and they promise to delete the product images and the ads within 48 hours.

Overall, adswithAI provides users with a quick and efficient way of generating multiple personalised ads, making advertising campaigns more effective.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized ads
Uses PNG upload
Generates 20 HD ads
Multiple background options
Ads dispatched within 15min
Multiple use-cases
Optimized for all ratios
Data deleted after 48h
Efficient campaign tool
Generates unique captions
Artefacts generation acknowledged
Ethical product processing only
Users retain image copyright
Supports social media posts
Supports product descriptions
Supports photo shoots
PDF brochure generation
Automatic reflection on products
Automatic shadows on products
Automatic image optimization
Customizable aspect ratio
Images and captions emailed
Image conversion support


Only accepts PNG format
Ad generation is slow
May generate artefacts/defects
No refund for defects
Only email delivery
Doesn't process unethical products
Data deletion after 48 hours
Limited ad use-cases
Limited to 20 ads
No subscription model


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What types of backgrounds can I get with AdswithAI?
What kind of product photos can I upload on AdswithAI?
Does AdswithAI have any restrictions on the type of products for ad creation?
How does AdswithAI guarantee the privacy of my data?
Can AdswithAI also generate captions for the ads?
How can AdswithAI boost e-commerce sales and advertising performance?
Can I use AdswithAI for social media posts and product descriptions?
Is AdswithAI optimized for any specific aspect ratio?
Can AdswithAI process images with defects or artifacts?
Who is the developer of AdswithAI?
What is the payment process for using AdswithAI services?
Does AdswithAI offer refunds?

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