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Podcast and video to Twitter thread converter.
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AutoThread AI is a tool that automatically converts podcasts and YouTube videos into engaging Twitter threads. By simply selecting the URL of the desired YouTube video or mp3 file, users can generate a thread with just one click.

This eliminates the time-consuming process of manually composing threads and ensures the generated content is engaging.The tool offers integration with Typefully, an editor specialized for Twitter threads, allowing users to save the generated threads and further optimize them before posting.

Currently, AutoThread AI supports generating threads from YouTube videos and mp3 files, with support for mp4 files and multiple languages coming soon.AutoThread AI aims to simplify the promotion of text content by providing everything users need to spread their content effectively.

The tool offers a simple pricing structure, with a free plan that includes 5 credits and a pro plan with unlimited credits available for a monthly fee.

Additionally, annual billing is available, offering two months free.Overall, AutoThread AI provides a convenient solution for turning podcasts and YouTube videos into engaging Twitter threads effortlessly, saving users significant time and effort in content creation and promotion.


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AutoThread AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates threads automatically
Integration with Typefully
Supports YouTube and mp3
Upcoming support for mp4
Upcoming multilingual support
Simple pricing structure
Free plan availability
Unlimited credits for pro users
Annual billing with savings
Content promotion features
Effortless thread creation
Engaging content generation
Ease of use
One-click operation
Future expandability


Only supports English
Support for MP4 pending
No standalone editor
Requires Typefully API
No automatic posting feature
Limited free usage
Doesn't support all media types
Only connects with Twitter
Lacks real-time conversion feature


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Does AutoThread AI support multiple languages?
If not, when will AutoThread AI support multiple languages?
What file formats can I use with AutoThread AI?
What is Typefully and how does it interact with AutoThread AI?
Does AutoThread AI offer a free plan?
What is included in AutoThread AI's pro plan?
Is annual billing available for AutoThread AI?
Can I save the threads I generate with AutoThread AI for later use?
How does AutoThread AI ensure the content it generates is engaging?
What exact steps do I need to follow to create a Twitter thread using AutoThread AI?
What kind of content can I spread using AutoThread AI?
Is there a limit to how many threads I can generate with AutoThread AI?
Will AutoThread AI support mp4 files in the future?
How much time can I save by using AutoThread AI to create my Twitter threads?


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