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Find quality leads, create AI-powered templates, run personalized outreach campaigns and boost your sales & brand awareness.
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Cold DM is a tool designed to automate and enhance the process of connecting with leads via Twitter. It uses AI-powered templates to create personalized outreach campaigns, aiming to increase brand awareness and sales.

The tool targets the right audience by using sophisticated search capabilities, enabling users to locate a large number of leads that are best suited for their business.

Cold DM offers two types of campaigns: One-Shot campaigns, which allow users to send personalized direct messages (DMs) to all the contacts in a list at once, and Event-Based campaigns, which use their APIs to send personalized DMs based on specific business events, like signups from their server.

The tool is equipped with a simple and user-friendly CRM to track lead responses and campaign performance.Cold DM also offers a feature, Calvin, which helps compose professional, high-quality cold messages to increase response rates.

The tool provides different subscription plans tailored to suit various needs, ranging from hobbyists to small and medium businesses, all of which include a daily limit of Twitter DMs, message credits and lead creditsa system for targeting leads with advanced filters.

Users can also upload their leads via CSV.The tool provides support through email or DMs on their Twitter account, @colddmhq. Cold DM also features a FAQs section to assist users with common issues or queries about the tool.

There is a free plan available forever, while paid subscription plans can be cancelled at any time with full access to paid features until the end of the subscription period.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized outreach campaigns
Large lead finding capability
One-Shot and Event-Based campaigns
In-built CRM
Composes professional cold messages
Varied subscription plans
Advanced lead targeting
Allows CSV leads upload
Support through email and Twitter
FAQs section
Free plan available
Cancellation of paid plans
Boosts sales and brand awareness
Automated Twitter marketing
Interactive campaigns
Bulk messaging
Message automation
CRM for performance tracking
Multiple leads approach
Sophisticated search capabilities
Lead credits system
Message credits provision
Twitter outreach automation
Sales and response rate increase
User-friendly interface
High lead response rate
Suite for diverse user categories
API driven event-based messages
Supports Twitter DMs
Easy campaign creation
Simple campaign tracking
Professional message composition
Subscription tiers for different needs


Limited to Twitter outreach
200 Twitter DMs daily limit
No integration with other CRMs
Advanced features require subscription
Customer support only via email/DMs
Calvin feature locked behind subscription
Dependent on Twitter's DM limits
Uses CSV for lead uploads
No real-time customer assistance
Only two types of campaigns


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