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Automate your SMB deal sourcing.
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OffDeal is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and automate the process of sourcing deals for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It aids in the discovery, vetting, and engagement of off-market acquisition targets according to a user's specific criteria.

The AI functionality of OffDeal is able to simultaneously evaluate numerous companies, delivering a concise shortlist that matches exact acquisition requirements promptly and efficiently.

This significantly reduces the time invested in manual research, thereby expediting the entire process. Moreover, it offers a personalized outreach component.

Using extensive data points collected on each company, OffDeal's AI generates and sends uniquely curated messages to make a user stand out among other prospective buyers.

It is tailored to be beneficial for individual buyers, particularly those looking to acquire a single successful small business, as well as lower mid-market funds and larger corporations seeking to enhance their regional presence through strategic add-ons.

Users can access the service by requesting a demo. The intended outcome of the tool is to facilitate efficient deal sourcing and negotiations, enabling users to connect with vetted owners and secure their ideal deal in weeks rather than months.


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Pros and Cons


Automated deal sourcing
Efficient vetting system
Engages off-market acquisition targets
Criteria-based target evaluation
Multiple company simultaneaous evaluation
Efficient use of time
Personalized outreach component
Uses extensive data points
Customized user outreach messages
Suitable for individual buyers
Ideal for mid-market funds
Useful for corporate expansion
Quick connection with vetted owners
Efficient deal negotiation
Extremely time-efficient
Quick acquisition target validation
Designed for SMBs
User-friendly demo request
Validates millions of SMBs
Shortlists precise acquisition targets
Hyper-personalized user messages
Helps expand regional presence
Helps discover hidden business gems
Ideal for $5-50M purchase price range
Strategic add-on sourcing
Tailored business intelligence
Innovative business tool
Smart deal negotiation strategy
Streamlines business acquisition process
Majorly reduces manual research
Promotes smart business strategies
Tackles acquisition target criteria
Supports lower mid-market funds
Enhances your buyer presence
Curates engaging user messages
Supports large corporation acquisitions
Individualized deal sourcing strategy
Simplifies deal sourcing process


Request demo to access
Limited to SMBs
No real-time support
No multi-language support
No mobile app
Data security concerns
May spam recipients
Over-reliance on automation
Limited personalization options
No user community support


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Who can benefit from OffDeal's service?
How can I request a demo for OffDeal?
What is the intended outcome of using OffDeal?
How does OffDeal help in deal negotiation?
What makes OffDeal an innovative business tool?
What is target validation in OffDeal?
Can OffDeal help larger corporations with regional expansion?
How does OffDeal aid in the discovery and vetting of off-market acquisition targets?
Can OffDeal help individual buyers looking to acquire a small business?
What kind of companies does OffDeal evaluate?
How does OffDeal help users stand out among prospective buyers?
What is the process behind OffDeal's AI-enabled Outreach?
How does OffDeal contribute to time efficiency?
How can OffDeal assist lower mid-market funds in acquiring add-ons or bolt-ons?

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