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IT agency lead generation and outreach automated.
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IT Leads is an AI-powered lead generation and outreach automation service designed specifically for IT agencies. It aims to help software agencies find new clients by providing them with a constant stream of potential leads who are actively seeking software development services.The tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze career pages and job posts from hundreds of thousands of tech companies, extracting relevant data to create ready-to-use material for sales outreach.

It tags these leads based on the technologies they are seeking, allowing users to target decision makers who specifically require skills such as Python, React, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java, or Golang developers.IT Leads also collects and verifies publicly available email addresses of company executives, making it easier for users to reach out to potential clients.

The tool offers the ability to segment outreach campaigns based on the technologies that leads are seeking, enabling users to align their messages and boost conversion rates.The service covers startups and enterprises mainly in the US, Canada, EU, and UK and monitors them based on their financials and location.

It provides GDPR compliance to ensure adherence to data protection requirements.IT Leads offers different subscription plans, allowing users to receive a monthly batch of new leads that includes verified email addresses and LinkedIn accounts.

The tool also provides tips, strategies, and email templates from successful customers to assist agencies in their outreach efforts.Automated outreach options are available as well, where leads are generated exclusively for a user's campaign and warm leads are forwarded for meetings and potential deal closures.Overall, IT Leads aims to help IT agencies grow their businesses by providing a reliable source of relevant leads and offering assistance in conducting outreach campaigns.


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