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Crafting accurate Apex test classes with full user service.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to assist with your Salesforce Apex test class needs.
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Generate a test class for this Apex code:
Revise this test class for full coverage:
Create a test class for my Apex trigger:
Write a complete test class for this Apex class:
Provide metadata for your Apex class for a test class:
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Complete Apex Test Class Assistant is a GPT designed specifically for assistance with Salesforce Apex test class requirements. Devised by FutureCloud Technology Solutions, this GPT focuses on aiding users in crafting comprehensive and precise Apex test classes.

Grounded in user service, it offers a methodical approach to the generation and revision of Apex classes with high coverage. The GPT incorporates a spectrum of applications, including creating test classes for Apex triggers, providing metadata for Apex classes for a test class, and revising test classes for full coverage.

The tool aims to complement traditional test creation methods by maintaining test validation and treatment intact while assisting the user in meeting their Salesforce development requirements.

A subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required to use this assistant. 'Complete Apex Test Class Assistant' is positioned as a solution for developers, testers, as well as businesses that employ Salesforce as a part of their operations.

By streamlining the process of test class creation and management, this GPT helps increase the efficiency of the Salesforce development process.


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Mar 4, 2024
Great job, but for me is missing TestFactory, TestFactoryDefaults and Selectors frameworks

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