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REST API performance testing platform
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PerfAI is an AI-driven platform designed for API performance testing. It aims to help businesses deliver high-performance REST APIs, ultimately enhancing user experiences and reducing churn.

The platform utilizes self-learning AI technology and operates without the need for coding. API performance is critical because it directly impacts both public and internal APIs, as well as web and mobile apps that rely on backend APIs.

PerfAI offers an ideal solution by automating the performance journey. It leverages AI trained on a database of 42k public APIs to generate comprehensive and tailored coverage.

The platform also provides score-based reports with actionable insights, allowing developers to efficiently address performance issues and optimize API performance.PerfAI's automation capabilities facilitate continuous and automated API performance testing.

It seamlessly integrates with GitHub and CI/CD marketplaces, enabling shift-left testing and early identification of performance issues. With its AI-driven approach, users are relieved from the need to constantly write and maintain code as APIs evolve.The platform offers comprehensive coverage through its Performance Top-10 List, which revolutionizes the validation of API flows.

Instead of complex graphs and CSV analysis, PerfAI implements a scoring-based system for API performance assessment. This approach empowers leadership to effectively manage customer-centric issues and drive business success.Getting started with PerfAI is a simple three-step process that requires no engineering effort.

Users can connect with the Performance Team for personalized guidance in selecting the suitable plan for their API. Then, the team assists in setting up the GitHub Action for the project, handling the configuration process.

Finally, users can continuously optimize API endpoints to deliver exceptional performance and unlock growth potential.This tool provides an alternative to tools like BlazeMeter with its more affordable pricing, faster setup times, and unlimited runs.


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Pros and Cons


Automates API performance testing
No coding needed
Trained on 42k APIs
Provides score-based performance reports
Actionable insights from reports
Facilitates API performance optimization
Enables shift-left testing
Facilitates early issue identification
Integrates with Github CI/CD
Comprehensive API flow validation
Revolutionary Performance Top-10 List
Scoring-based performance assessment
Easy three-step setup process
Assistance in configuration process
Affordable pricing
Faster setup than BlazeMeter
Offers unlimited testing runs
Detects all API's new features
Continuous API performance updates
Replaces complex graphs/CSV analysis
Designed for customer-centric issue management
Advanced analytics capabilities
Targets both public and internal APIs


No code review feature
Single method of integration
Limited to API testing
Lacks visualizations for data
No option for manual testing
Dependent on GitHub
Dependency on API changes
No multi-language support
Limited personalization options
No offline version


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