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Scaled business sales and customer service.
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Aissist is a web-based tool that functions as a business co-pilot, specifically designed to assist with sales and customer service scaling. It utilizes generative AI technology to provide an average resolution rate of 85% for deployed Aissistants, without relying on predefined intents or rules.

It is user-friendly, allowing users to create an intelligent agent in just 10 minutes by converting existing assets and describing their needs. Aissist is also cost-effective, offering affordability with prices that are 5 times cheaper than similar tools due to their lean operations.

Frictionless collaboration is a key feature of Aissist, as it seamlessly integrates with human teams and existing platforms. It enables efficient transformation and boosts productivity on one single platform, ensuring a smooth human-AI synergy.

By combining the power of generative AI with human input, Aissist enables omni-channel engagement, working across various communication channels as effectively as a human agent.Aissist focuses on the three fundamental elements of customer engagement – rapid resolution, insights generation, and cost reduction – instead of offering a long list of fancy features.

It can transform assets such as websites, documents, and databases into actionable intelligence that enhances productivity instantly, without the need for lengthy wait times and exorbitant costs.

With a pricing model that is SaaS-based and pay-as-you-use, Aissist aims to empower rapidly-growing SMBs. They offer different pricing packages, starting from a free trial that includes 100 messages per month.

Aissist also provides seamless integration with agent platforms and offers additional features like smart conversation generation, smart tagging, and the option to utilize GPT-4 at an additional cost.


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