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Automates tasks & enhances support for coaches/experts.
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Maax AI is an AI tool that offers an end-to-end solution for coaches, experts, creators, and agencies to automate their day-to-day tasks and improve customer service.

It allows users to upload their coaching knowledge base, which can consist of course videos, PDFs, and other documents. The tool then indexes all the content within minutes using ChatGPT and optimizes responses to deliver high-quality touchpoints.

Maax AI offers functionalities such as customer service, sales nurturing, checkout abandoned cart recovery, and one-on-one expert guidance, among others.

The tool allows you to scale these functions by creating custom AI that frees up human staff to focus on more strategic tasks. Maax AI saves hundreds of hours of manual labor and helps close double the deals with its custom checkout AI, survey AI, and sales AI.

It collects key data points from customers such as personal, situational, and needs, to create personalized and thoughtful follow-ups, leading to more sales.One unique feature of Maax AI is its coaching-first approach.

The tool is designed around the needs of coaches, experts, and creators, making it easy to boost ROAS, increase positive reviews, and create a recurring income.

The platform is integrated with all-in-one capabilities, eliminating the need for third-party systems, multiple plugins, and integrations that create a tech nightmare.

Moreover, the tool offers done-for-you setup within 48 hours without any need for heavy lifting from you. Maax AI helps users provide lighting-fast customer service, create long-term relationships with customers, and turn skeptics into advocates.


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Jun 22, 2023
I was one of the very first users of this platform and it ROCKS! The product is growing fast and in the right direction!

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Pros and Cons


End-to-end solution
Dedicated coaching-first approach
Indexes content quickly
Optimizes responses
Customer service automation
Sales nurturing
Checkout abandoned cart recovery
One-on-one expert guidance
Saves manual labor hours
Collects data for personalized follow-ups
Done-for-you setup
Integrated all-in-one capabilities
Lightning-fast customer service
Boosts ROAS
Increases positive reviews
Creates recurring income
Eliminates third-party systems
Eliminates multiple plugins
Eliminates integrations
48 hours setup
Uploads coaching knowledge base
Supports 100+ file formats
Database deployment
Improves customer relationships
Turns skeptics into advocates
Free trial for 14 days
Minimal user intervention
Tone- and content-based responses


Not open-source
No API integration mentioned
Potential data privacy issues
Dependency on GPT technology
48-hours setup time
Limited customization options
No translation capabilities
Platform may be over-specialized
No mobile application mentioned
Unclear pricing structure


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How does Maax AI improve customer relationships?
What kind of data does Maax AI collect from customers?
What is the coaching-first approach of Maax AI?
How can Maax AI help me improve my ROAS?
Can Maax AI help turn skeptics into advocates?
Can Maax AI help me automate my day-to-day tasks?
What is the survey AI of Maax AI?

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