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Make custom chatbots with seamless hosting & memory.
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Steamship is an AI tool that allows users to build and host Auto-GPT and Baby-AGI projects with custom tools and memory. Users can launch a Vercel site with a chatbot that answers questions from a PDF.

With basic knowledge of Python and a Steamship API key, users can accomplish their AGI hacking tasks. The tool provides the option to join a Discord channel and tinker on hosted AGI.

Steamship has an Auto GPT feature that lets users create a new private bot instance by clicking on a bot and following the instructions to connect to Telegram.

The bot has all the required tools with memory for instant hosting, and the user will receive live updates using this feature. Steamship provides different product options to users, such as packages, plugins, workspaces, and documentation.

The tool also has different build options, such as Prompt APIs, LangChain Apps, and Embedding APIs. Legal policies such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Copyrights are included on this tool’s website.

Steamship also provides resources for learning about AI, such as Steamship for Education. Overall, Steamship is an AI tool that enables users to build and host Auto-GPT and Baby-AGI projects seamlessly while providing additional features such as hosted AGI with tools and memory, product options, build options, and resources for learning about AI.


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Steamship was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


AutoGPT chatbot for Telegram
Seamless hosting & memory
Custom tool creation
Python basics enough
Vercel site launch
PDF based Q&A bot
Hosted AGI tinkering
Discord channel access
Privacy Policy included
Terms of Service provided
Copyright information
Educational resources provided
Live updates for users
Variety of build options
Prompt APIs available
LangChain Apps included
Embedding APIs provided
Packages, plugins, workspaces options
Excellent documentation
In-app bot creation


Requires Python knowledge
Only integrates with Telegram
Limited bot customization features
No mobile app interface
Reliance on Vercel for hosting
Restricted to Auto GPT
No clear pricing
Learning resources limited
No listed customer support


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Who can use Steamship?
What is the Auto GPT feature?
Does Steamship provide real-time updates?
How to connect a bot to Telegram using Steamship?
What product options do Steamship offer?
What are the different build APIs provided by Steamship?
Can I learn about AI using Steamship resources?
What is the Discord channel provided by Steamship?
Does Steamship have a Privacy Policy?
How can I learn more about tasking, tools, and memory on Steamship?
Can I join Steamship's team?
Does Steamship provide learning resources for Education?
How does the Steamship chatbot answer questions from a PDF?
Does Steamship offer customer support?


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