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Convert your website visitors with AI sales agent.
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Gista is an AI Conversion Agent designed to help convert website visitors into leads. Developed with LangChain / LlamaIndex, it stores embeddings in vector databases such as Pinecone, Weaviate, Qdrant, and Chroma.

Gista acts as an AI sales agent, equipped with knowledge about your products and services, capable of offering value propositions and building an email list 24/7, enhancing your website's lead generation capabilities.

Instead of traditional forms, the AI agent interacts with potential leads, asking about their interests and collecting their contact details. The AI has the capability to answer user queries, explaining various services and offerings.

It also facilitates the process of downloading materials like white papers by asking for the required details from the user. Gista learns about a company through the upload of text-based knowledge.

The AI's behavior can be configured by setting detailed instructions, including defining banned words or preferred languages. It also offers seamless integration with user-preferred platforms.


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Gista was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Build own ChatGPT Plugin
Custom chatbots in 5 minutes
100 million user reach
Customer service enhancement
Automates repetitive tasks
Improves customer engagement
Streamlines business operations
Minimal setup technical knowledge
Minimal investment and effort
Lead Generation
Built with LangChain / LlamaIndex
Stores embeddings in vector DBs
24/7 sales agent
Interaction with potential leads
User queries response
Seamless platform integration
Configurable banned words feature
Supports preferred languages
Facilitates materials downloads
Knowledge upload feature
Value Proposition offering
Email List Building


Limited language customization
Requires text-based knowledge upload
No explicit multi-platform compatibility
Single chatbot functionality
Limited to predefined databases
No explicit reporting features
Setup process could be complex
Contact info collection requirement
Depends on user-provided information
No white-labeling options


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Can I customize the AI behavior and how?
How does Gista learn about my company?
What databases does Gista support for storing embeddings?
What knowledge representation is used by Gista?
What is LangChain / LlamaIndex and how does Gista use them?
How does Gista help to build an email list?
Is technical knowledge required to set up Gista?
Why is Gista described as a user-friendly AI tool?
Can I use Gista's AI as a sales agent?
Does Gista offer any kind of languages support?

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