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Chatbots site with GPT models, prompts, chat history.
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AutoGPT is a website that provides a free frontend for ChatGPT API with prompt library and chat history support. It allows users to login using their Google accounts to run the AutoGPT app in their browser.

The website features a task manager that allows users to add upcoming tasks, create new tasks, and change the model used. AutoGPT is designed to be an autonomous chatbot utilizing models similar to GPT-4.

The website is intended for users who want to build conversational agents or chatbots using GPT models but do not have the technical know-how or infrastructure to set up their own API.

With AutoGPT, users can run the API in their browser and use the prompt library to create conversational flows with chat history support. Overall, AutoGPT simplifies the process of building chatbots using GPT models by providing users with an easy-to-use frontend for the ChatGPT API.

It allows individuals and businesses to create chatbots for various purposes such as customer service, language learning, and entertainment with ease.

However, it is important to note that AutoGPT is a free tool and may have limitations in terms of features and scalability compared to paid solutions.


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Sep 26, 2023
Did not work, keeps on thinking

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Pros and Cons


Free frontend for ChatGPT
Google accounts login support
Task manager functionality
Models similar to GPT-4
Prompt library available
Chat history support
Ideal for non-technical people
In-browser API usage
Facilitates chatbot creation
Useful for various domains
Simple, easy-to-use frontend
Supports conversational flows creation
Enables chatbot scalability


Limited to browser use
Requires Google account login
May lack scalability
Potential lack of features
Not for advanced users
No API for integration
Dependent on ChatGPT API
Not customizable
No dedicated mobile app
Free version limitations


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Does AutoGPT have any limitations?
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Can I use AutoGPT for free?
What are the terms of use for AutoGPT?
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What should I do if I face an issue with AutoGPT?
How secure is logging in with Google on AutoGPT?
Can I use AutoGPT for business purposes?

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