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GPT-powered chatbots trained on your custom data
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QuestGPT is an AI-tool that offers support chatbots for websites, using GPT-powered search trained on custom data. Users can connect their sources for training the bots, which becomes an easily installable component, allowing for rapid deployment once trained.

QuestGPT automates knowledge discovery, making it easy for users to find specific information across various mediums, such as video and PDFs. This tool provides features for the effortless training of chatbots to custom data sources, which can be website links or PDF documents.

It also offers the 'Rapid Deployment' feature which facilitates multiple ways to build and use the chatbot, including plug and play widgets or HTTP API support.

Upcoming features include insights into analytics and usage trends to understand user behavior and requirements, thereby improving content. The tool also provides a way to re-train the model based on user feedback and track user queries to optimize content.

QuestGPT does not require a credit card for the creation of chatbots. The tool is expected to provide pre-built components for popular frameworks like React.

In addition, QuestGPT also provides a built-in API for integrating with applications. The tool is in continuous development, with upcoming features like API support and import notions docs.


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Pros and Cons


Support chatbots for websites
GPT-powered search
Custom data training
User source connection for training
Rapid deployment of chatbots
Automated knowledge discovery
Information discovery across different mediums
Effortless chatbot training
Plug and play widgets
HTTP API support
Analytics and usage trends
Content improvement based on user behavior
Model re-training based on user feedback
Tracking of user queries
No credit card requirement for creation
Pre-built components for React
API for integration with applications
Continuous development
Video and PDF content search
Website support
Integration with web applications
Credit-free chatbot creation
Chatbot customization
Customer support enhancement
Website and PDF document link
Notion doc import support
Capability of parsing through videos
Dashboard for internal control
Optimization of content based on user queries
Free trial availability
Capability of building great apps
Easy installation of chatbots
Usage improvement based on insights
User access to support
Npm library and React components
Tool for improving documentation
Automated customer service
Retrievable website's page presentation
Chatbot training initiation
Easily accessible knowledge
Instant assistance to customers
Website widget plug-in
Session-based FAQ creation


Cannot parse all media types
Not all features available yet
Continuous development may present instability
Not all popular frameworks supported
Training on specific pages only
Re-training requires user feedback
No native app support
Doesn't support complex dialogue management


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Does QuestGPT support plug and play widgets?
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What are ways I can use the chatbot from QuestGPT on my website?
How does QuestGPT help in knowledge discovery?
Does QuestGPT offer insights into my users' behavior and requirements?
Can the QuestGPT bot be trained on various mediums such as videos and PDFs?
How does the 'Effortless chatbot training' feature work in QuestGPT?

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