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Nine skilled assistants for various tasks.
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OpenAi-bot is an AI-based app that provides users with nine different AI assistants for work, study and life. The app is designed to help users achieve more with less effort by providing them with access to highly skilled and capable assistants who can perform a variety of tasks.

The tool uses a Gpt-4 pro assistant to give bots a personality, making interactions with them more engaging and effective. Users can log in to the app for free to access its features.Some of the assistants available on OpenAi-bot include Bob, a general assistant who can provide support and assistance in a range of tasks and functions, and Linus, a senior developer responsible for overseeing complex software projects.

Other assistants include Jess, an Apple marketer who can create and implement successful marketing campaigns, and Bernard, a French chef skilled in working with a range of ingredients to create beautiful and delicious dishes.OpenAi-bot also offers features such as Bert, who can create flow charts, and Lisa, a highly skilled UX/UI designer with a strong eye for detail and a deep understanding of user behavior.

Additionally, users will benefit from the app's ability to analyze data and provide cool insights, thanks to the tool's Dwight assistant.The app is continually being updated, and the roadmap includes plans to integrate the bots into users' sites and to give Lisa the ability to generate designs.

With OpenAi-bot, users can achieve more with the help of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Bots have individual personalities
Free to use
Continual updates and improvements
Future integration on user's sites
Design generation plans
Bob assistant for general tasks
Linus assistant for complex software projects
Jess assistant for marketing campaigns
Bert assistant for flow chart creation
Lisa assistant for UX/UI design
Dwight assistant for data analysis
Bernard assistant for cooking guidance
CSV file analysis
Code recognition and blocks
Speech to text feature
Text to speech feature
Memory function in bots
Roadmap for bot's ability to execute code
Roadmap for bot's ability to search internet
Plans for standalone Windows app
PDF file and text file reading
Presentation generation plans
Capability for user generated content
Ability to analyze a wide range of data


No Android app
No voice integration
No multi-language support
Limited bot personalities
No collaboration features
Memory only for Bob
Lacks search engine integration
No accessibility features
Unclear bot update schedule


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What kind of flowcharts can Bert create on OpenAi-bot?
Can Lisa, the UX/UI designer on OpenAi-bot, generate designs?
What culinary skills does Bernard on OpenAi-bot have?
What type of analysis can Dwight provide on OpenAi-bot?
If I upload a CSV file on OpenAi-bot, how can Dwight assist me?
Is the OpenAi-bot app free to use?
What are some of the highlighted updates on OpenAi-bot?
What are some of the future updates planned for OpenAi-bot?
Can the assistants of OpenAi-bot be integrated into my own website?
Can the OpenAi-bot assistants execute code or search the internet?
Is there a standalone app for OpenAi-bot?
What advantages does the Gpt-4 pro assistant provide in OpenAi-bot?
Is OpenAi-bot available for iOS devices?
Can I use OpenAi-bot to generate presentations?
Can Bob from OpenAi-bot store long-term data and information?

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