Email writing 2022-12-22
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Generation of personalized email and message content.
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ChatGPT Writer is a free Chrome extension that uses advanced AI technology to generate entire emails and messages. With enhanced support for Gmail, users can quickly compose emails and messages with high quality responses that outcompete other tools in the market.

ChatGPT Writer is also privacy friendly and does not use ads, cookies, or third-party trackers. It is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge and supports all popular languages.

To use, users need to install the extension, click the icon and briefly enter what they want to write about and hit the Generate Response button. For Gmail users, they can launch the extension from the icon in the Gmail text editor and hit the Generate Reply button to insert the personalized email reply.

Finally, users can also set a keyboard shortcut for the extension and access troubleshooting support if needed.


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Aug 16, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Free Chrome extension
Generates entire emails
Enhanced Gmail support
Privacy friendly
No ads, cookies, trackers
Chromium-based browser compatibility
Supports all languages
Ease of use with extension
Keyboard shortcut setup
Troubleshooting support
Integration with Gmail
Generates personalized replies
60,000+ satisfied users
Outperforms competitors in quality
Supports all websites
100% free
Gmail reply generation
Quick installation
Respects user privacy
Tightly integrated with Gmail
Works on Brave browser
Useful for email writing
Productivity booster
Boosts response quality
Editable prompt content
Flexible language input


Only for Chromium-based browsers
Requires extension installation
Needs account on
Might involve language fingerprinting
Limited troubleshooting support
Reply generation needs user prompts


What is ChatGPT Writer?
How does ChatGPT Writer work?
Is ChatGPT Writer a free tool?
Does ChatGPT Writer work with all Chromium-based browsers?
How to install ChatGPT Writer?
What do I need to do to generate a response with ChatGPT Writer?
Is there a keyboard shortcut for ChatGPT Writer?
How can I use ChatGPT Writer with Gmail?
What is the process to generate a personalized email reply using ChatGPT Writer?
Does ChatGPT Writer support all languages?
Does ChatGPT Writer track my browsing activity?
Where can I download the ChatGPT Writer extension?
What makes ChatGPT Writer different from other email generation tools?
Is ChatGPT Writer compatible with Brave and Edge browsers?
How can I seek support if I face issues while using ChatGPT Writer?
How secure is my data while using ChatGPT Writer?
Can I edit the email generated by ChatGPT Writer?
How to use ChatGPT Writer on other websites?
How is ChatGPT Writer integrated with Gmail?
What kind of content can I generate with ChatGPT Writer?

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