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ByEric Nograles
Expert in breaking down git diffs for humor-infused code reviews.
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Sample prompts:
How do I break down this large git diff?
Can you explain atomic commits?
I need help with modular design in my code.
What's the best way to manage code dependencies?
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LGPTM is a GPT that provides specialized assistance in dealing with git diffs for enhanced code reviews. Its purpose is to make the task of analyzing code changes more accessible, easier, and even enjoyable by incorporating a unique humor-infused approach.

LGPTM uses the power of the ChatGPT infrastructure to offer conversational AI assistance to anyone needing help with git diffs. Utilizing this tool not only eases the process of dissecting large git diffs, but also opens up the room for learning and understanding advanced concepts, such as atomic commits and modular design in coding.

Furthermore, users can seek guidance in managing code dependencies effectively. The tool's distinct feature is its ability to provide insights in a humorous yet insightful manner, intending to make the technical task more engaging.The potential users of LGPTM are required to have the ChatGPT Plus package, suggesting that it operates as an add-on to the fundamental ChatGPT technology, expanding its capabilities into the realm of coding and particularly git diffs.

LGPTM can be a valuable asset for both beginner and experienced coders and programmers who aim to enhance their code reviewing process. Its light-hearted style can also encourage more user interaction and engagement with git reviews, hence improving the overall quality of code and making the process less daunting.


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LGPTM was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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