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Improved code review and pull request collaboration.
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Pullflow is an AI-enhanced tool that facilitates efficient code review collaboration, providing a synchronized medium for conversations among developers, systems, and AI.

The integration with widely used platforms like GitHub, Slack, and Visual Studio Code enhances collaboration and communication ease. Its unique feature includes maintaining a seamless conversation across these platforms by synchronizing user identities and code-review activities.

This allows users to take action from wherever they are, enhancing workflow continuity and reducing context-switching. Pullflow also leverages AI to provide contextual answers during code review discussions, thereby assisting in providing feedback and answering queries within Slack conversations.

Aimed at keeping a team focused, it offers a glance view of Pull Requests (PRs) pending on their end, on both Slack and Visual Studio Code. It enables users to promptly engage in PR conversations, take action, set reminders, and more.

Not stopping at code review, Pullflow integrates with GitHub Actions, external CI/CD, GitHub Apps, and more to offer a consolidated view of pull-requests from draft, review, to testing and deploying.

With features like ChatOps, it takes care of quick actions through chat mentions or keyboard shortcuts in IDE, reducing the need for an additional trip to GitHub.


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Pullflow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 5th 2023.
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