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Offers advice for your Python code
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Coding Senpai is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) model that offers advice on Python code. It operates on the foundational framework of ChatGPT, requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.

The primary aim of this GPT is to help users enhance their Python coding skills by offering insightful feedback and suggestions. Coding Senpai can elucidate the problematic areas in your code, write the tests for your code, and provide meaningful commentary on your code.

It essentially functions as a code review platform, allowing you to better understand the dynamics of your Python code. The interface of the GPT is user-friendly and interactive, offering prompt starters to help initiate a coding session.

For instance, users can input specific commands to receive a description of the code, test the code, or add commentary. It's a valuable tool for Python programmers looking to better their coding capabilities and solve complex problems more effectively.

Please note that to use Coding Senpai, a sign-up and subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required.


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