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Byshresth deep gupta
A coding review assistant for senior developers.
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Sample prompts:
How can I improve this code's performance?
Can you review this code snippet for best practices?
What are the potential issues in this code block?
Explain this complex code in simpler terms.
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Review Assist is a GPT designed to facilitate and refine the process of code review for senior developers. Embedded within the ChatGPT platform, this tool serves as an assistant for evaluating coding practices, offering enhancement suggestions, as well as elucidating complex code into simpler terms.

To get started, developers simply issue a query such as 'How can I improve this code's performance?', 'Can you review this code snippet for best practices?', or 'What are the potential issues in this code block?'.

In response, Review Assist provides insights based on the information it has been trained on, thereby contributing to a more thorough and efficient code review process.

Due to its advanced understanding of language and coding principles, Review Assist can provide feedback and guidance that, while not replacing human judgement, can augment and expedite it.

This high level of accessibility and convenience make it a helpful tool for any senior developer seeking to streamline their review practices and increase their understanding of their code's broader implications.

It should be noted that utilizing Review Assist requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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