Conversations 13 Mar 2023
AI Chat Bestie

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AI Chat Bestie is an enhanced user interface tool that empowers ChatGPT's functionality by offering faster response times, searchable chat history, and always-available chat histories.

The tool allows the user to connect directly to the OpenAI API, bypassing slow typing animations for quicker responses. Chat histories are stored locally within the browser, making them accessible anytime, and no separate registration is required.

AI Chat Bestie's browser-only storage ensures privacy and data reliability. Users can upgrade by joining AI Chat Bestie's Discord channel, and more information about the tool can be found on their Github and other social media handles.

The tool is free to use, and users can either bring their API keys or get a free one from OpenAI. In summary, AI Chat Bestie is an advanced UI tool that enhances ChatGPT by providing faster response times and different chat functionalities while ensuring privacy and reliability.


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