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Adds related images to ChatGPT content.
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Sqriblr is an AI tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating visually engaging content on ChatGPT. Sqriblr automates the image selection process by identifying relevant keywords in ChatGPT responses and inserting high-quality images with just a simple command.

This way, Sqriblr eliminates the need for manual image sourcing, saving time and effort for users. Sqriblr is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, freelancers, content creators, SEO professionals, and bloggers who value convenience, efficiency, and visually engaging content.

Its ease of use makes it effortless to use, allowing users to focus on crafting compelling and optimized content for SEO with ease.With Sqriblr, users can expect better quality and more "ready-to-publish" content, leading to increased engagement, shareability, and overall improvement in content quality.

Sqriblr integrates seamlessly into ChatGPT, requiring minimal effort to use. By offering a seamless experience, unlike other similar tools, Sqriblr ensures efficient and convenient image integration.

Sqriblr offers two pricing plans, Scribbler and Novelist, with simple, transparent pricing that grows with the user's business. Sqriblr's commitment to providing high-quality, engaging, and relevant visuals has earned them the trust of professionals who value efficiency, creativity, and convenience in their work.

With excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction ratings, Sqriblr is the go-to image resource for ChatGPT users across various industries looking to revolutionize their content creation process.


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Sqriblr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates image selection process
Identifies relevant keywords
Effortless use
Seamless integration with ChatGPT
Improves SEO content
Increases engagement and shareability
Simple, transparent pricing
High customer satisfaction ratings
Minimal manual intervention required
Offers a 'ready-to-publish' experience
Saves time on content creation
Advanced algorithm for image sourcing
Suitable for various professionals
Can generate visually engaging posts
Provides high-quality, relevant images
Direct ChatGPT add-on
Improves content production workflow
Ideal for marketers, bloggers, freelancers
Excellent customer service
Positive user reviews
Allows content optimization
Increased user content views
Helps achieve faster publishing
Empowers captivating content creation
Two pricing plans: Scribbler and Novelist
Open communication with users
Supports array of content types


Limited to ChatGPT integration
Automatic selection limits control
Subscription only, no free-use
Image relevance dependent on keywords
Possibility of inappropriate image selection
Potential copyright issues with images
Maximum 1,500 requests for lower-tier subscription
Only two pricing plans
Arbitrary image matching not accurate
No feature for customer's own images


What is Sqriblr?
How does Sqriblr work?
Which audience is Sqriblr designed for?
Does Sqriblr exclusively integrate with ChatGPT?
What benefits does Sqriblr offer to users?
How can I use Sqriblr in my content production workflow?
What are the pricing plans for Sqriblr?
How is Sqriblr better than other similar tools?
How does Sqriblr improve (SEO) Search Engine Optimization?
How does Sqriblr automate the image selection process?
Does using Sqriblr require any special technical skills?
What kind of images does Sqriblr provide?
How will Sqriblr affect the shareability of my content?
Can Sqriblr help increase my content's engagement rate?
How does Sqriblr simplify the content creation process?
What is Sqriblr's approach to customer service?
How does the 'Novelist' pricing plan from Sqriblr differ from 'Scribbler'?
Does Sqriblr have any industry-specific benefits?.
How can Sqriblr increase the efficiency in content creation?
Does Sqriblr provide high-quality visuals suitable for various industries?


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