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Innovative metaprompts for ChatGPT. Generate your needs.
GPT welcome message: Ready to craft advanced, effective metaprompts!
Sample prompts:
Design an intricate metaprompt for a complex topic
Craft a nuanced metaprompt using emotional considerations
Develop a branching metaprompt for an interactive scenario
Generate a sophisticated metaprompt based on user expertise
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Prompt Generator Prodigy is a GPT designed to help users generate advanced and effective prompts for the ChatGPT platform. This tool stands as an innovative solution in crafting metaprompts to meet specific user needs.

It's intention is to make the interaction with ChatGPT more tailored and intuitive, by enabling the creation of prompts based on varying intentions and scenarios.For example, users can submit requests such as 'Japanese subculture-focused blog writer' or 'Create a business strategy while hearing the necessary information from me'.

After the user's request is processed, Prompt Generator Prodigy will create a corresponding complex metaprompt.The GPT also provides prompt starters to help users generate intricate metaprompts for complex topics, nuanced metaprompts using emotional considerations, branching metaprompts for interactive scenarios, and sophisticated metaprompts based on user expertise.

It is a useful tool in shaping and molding conversations with ChatGPT to be more precise, interactive, and accommodating to a user's specific requirements.

However, operation of the Prompt Generator Prodigy does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription to be previously installed.Developed by Katsuhiro Hashimoto, this tool provides an opportunity to maximize the utilization of ChatGPT by facilitating more accurate and personalized dialogues.

Through the creative application of advanced, user-specific prompts, the capacity for aiding in a variety of tasks, from blog writing to strategy creation, is greatly enhanced.


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