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ByAmir Hossei Noori
Crafts keyword-rich prompts
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Sample prompts:
What's the main subject for your conept?
Do you have a specific style in mind?
Can you describe the main detail of your image?
What camera angle do you prefer for this image?
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Midjourney Prompt Architect is a GPT designed to help users develop keyword-rich prompts for various purposes. It works by first asking the user a series of questions to understand the main subject of their concept, ascertain if there's a particular style in mind, define the central details of their image, and identify their preferred camera angle.

Based on the user's responses to these questions, the Midjourney Prompt Architect forms a tailor-made, keyword-based prompt that can facilitate goal-oriented discussions or guide a specific line of inquiry.

Given its function, this GPT appears ideally suited for use in content creation, brainstorming sessions, and research-orientated tasks. By helping users to craft detailed, specific prompts, it can support efforts towards more focused and productive exploration of topics.Additionally, the Midjourney Prompt Architect is designed to operate on top of ChatGPT.

Access to this GPT may consequently require ChatGPT Plus, the premium version of the underlying AI model from OpenAI, which suggests the tool is aimed at users looking to leverage the capabilities of upgraded AI models for more complex or advanced tasks.

In summary, the Midjourney Prompt Architect serves as a practical tool for crafting rich, targeted prompts according to user-specific details, contributing towards efficiency in idea generation and discussion, particularly for users of ChatGPT Plus.


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