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ByJay Liu
Artistic assistant for crafting Stable Diffusion prompts.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help craft your Stable Diffusion prompts.
Sample prompts:
Generate a prompt for a serene forest scene.
Create a prompt for futuristic cityscape.
Design a prompt for a portrait in vintage style.
Make a prompt for a surreal abstract artwork.
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Stable Diffusion Prompt Assistant is a GPT designed to aid in the creation of Stable Diffusion prompts. It is essentially an artistic assistant that builds upon the functionalities of ChatGPT to provide user-specific outcomes in the realm of Stable Diffusion art.

Stable Diffusion is an art style that undergoes moderate changes over time, making this GPT a perfect tool for those who wish to craft prompts for specific art forms like serene forest scenes, futuristic cityscapes, vintage portraits, or surreal abstract artwork.

The GPT acts as a supportive tool for both professionals and amateurs in the artistic domain, presenting an effective approach to generate custom creative prompts.

Using the 'prompt starters' feature, users are provided with a starting point in the form of a prompt, which can then be further built upon. It can be accessed after signing up to ChatGPT Plus.

Its functionality exemplifies the concept of combining AI with artist flair to create unique output. As it works on top of ChatGPT, users can expect a seamless interaction experience while crafting their Stable Diffusion prompts.

It is an innovative use of AI that leverages the comprehensive language model of ChatGPT, transcending it from a generic text generator to a targeted prompt generator for art enthusiasts.


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