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ByKenneth Bastian
Crafting effective prompts for award-winning images.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to craft some amazing prompts for Stable Diffusion?
Sample prompts:
Create a prompt for a surrealistic digital painting.
Suggest a prompt for a photorealistic landscape photo.
Generate a comic book cover style prompt.
Craft a prompt for an abstract digital illustration.
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Diffusion Prompt GPT is an advanced AI tool, proficient in formulating intricate and efficient prompts for 'Stable Diffusion' to produce visually stunning and award-winning images.

This GPT works as an application built on top of ChatGPT, enabling dynamic user interactions. Its primary function is to provide users with the ability to generate distinctive and impactful prompts that can inspire the creation of art on a variety of themes and styles.

This includes, but is not restricted to, surrealistic digital paintings, photorealistic landscape photos, comic book cover styles, and abstract digital illustrations.

To utilize this tool, users need to have access to ChatGPT Plus. A welcoming interaction is provided to engage users and set the context for crafting amazing prompts for Stable Diffusion.

The tool is particularly advantageous to artists, creators, and anyone interested in generating creative and unique prompts to evoke artistic ideas.


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