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ByTomasz Sawczak
Crafting detailed prompts for visual art creation.
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Sample prompts:
Create an prompt of
I need a prompt for visual
Generate a prompt of scene with
Depict an emotion through
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Prompter GPT is an innovative GPT explicitly designed for crafting detailed prompts for midjourney visual art creation. The GPT's main purpose is to guide and inspire artists in their creative endeavors by providing them with specific and relevant prompts.

These prompts are designed to inspire innovative ideas and stimulate creativity for visual artists at their mid-journey, thus helping them to break-through creative block and keep their minds full of fresh ideas.

The GPT has prompt starters like 'Create an prompt of', 'I need a prompt for visual', 'Generate a prompt of scene with', and 'Depict an emotion through.' Each one of these starter prompts is designed for different aspects of visual art creation, enabling a wide variety of creative outputs.

This GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access. Developed by Tomasz Sawczak, it provides an exciting avenue to explore art prompts that can be tailored to an artist's individual needs.


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