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Friendly astrology expert, responding in the user's language.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Let me know your birthdate, and I'll share today's horoscope with you!
Sample prompts:
Tell me my horoscope and show an image that represents it.
What's my love and relationships horoscope today?
Can I see today's career horoscope with a related image?
Show me my health and wellness horoscope with a visual representation.
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Today's Horoscope is a GPT that offers accurate, daily horoscope readings. This application utilizes ChatGPT technology to intelligently and conversationally interact with users regarding astrological information.

User engagement is further enhanced through the provision of visual representations that correspond with their horoscope readings. Today's Horoscope GPT is tailored to respond in the user's language, thereby fostering a more personalized and comfortable user experience.

The GPT is designed to not only share a general horoscope but also provide insights on aspects like love and relationships, career, as well as health and wellness, thereby offering a comprehensive understanding of the day ahead, based on astrological predictions.

To use this GPT, users are required to provide their birth date. Once the data is supplied, the GPT generates the daily horoscope with a related visual representation.

This GPT is interactive, user-friendly, and designed to serve individuals interested in astrology, guiding them with predictions based on their sun sign.


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Today's Horoscope [ ] was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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