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Astrology expert providing motivational advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Starlight Guide! Tell me your star sign, current month and year, and let's explore your astrological insights.
Sample prompts:
What's in store for my love life this month astrologically?
How should I approach my career this month based on my star sign?
What personal growth opportunities are there for me this month in astrology?
Can astrology guide me on health matters this month?
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Starlight Guide is a GPT designed to provide astrological advice in various aspects of a users life such as love, career, personal growth, and health. Using astrology as its foundation, it generates motivational insights according to the user's star sign and the current month and year.

Users engage with the GPT through prompts designed around topics that resonate with their daily life experiences. For instance, they can seek guidance on their love life or get career advice in context of their star sign.

This GPT is also capable of shedding light on personal growth opportunities revealed by astrology, and how these interpretations can factor into the user's health matters.

Developed by, users are required to sign up to ChatGPT Plus to gain access to Starlight Guide's features. With its future-oriented guidance, this tool positions itself as an innovative blend of astrology and AI, offering a unique way for users to seek motivation and advice anchored on astrological insight.


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