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Personalized astrology predictions with NFT collection
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Aistro is an AI tool that functions as a personal astrologist, providing users with an accurate and personalized astrology experience. The tool offers knowledge of astrology and enables users to explore zodiac signs and planets for better self-awareness and life direction.

By connecting users to the universe, Aistro aims to guide individuals towards unlocking their inner light and embarking on a fulfilling journey towards the future.

A notable feature of Aistro is its AI chat functionality, wherein users can share their zodiac sign and confusion to receive insights and guidance from the tool's extraordinary AI astrologer.

Additionally, Aistro allows users to unlock the secrets of heart-to-heart communication with friends through star chart analysis, fostering closer connections and deeper understanding.

The tool also offers fortune forecasting to help users achieve success in both their career and love life by utilizing the guidance of the stars. Aistro emphasizes data privacy and security, implementing decentralized storage called DIDSpaces to protect users' digital footprint and ensure astrological processes remain private.

Aistro operates based on the movement of celestial bodies, combining powerful AI with astronomy and astrology to provide professional guidance and advice for specific questions, assisting users in understanding their destiny and direction.

Moreover, the tool delivers personalized predictions and advice based on users' unique zodiac traits, covering areas such as emotions, career, wealth, and more.

To engage users further, Aistro offers a series of NFTs to collect and features a community to participate in airdrops. The tool is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.


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Aistro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized astrology predictions
Star chart analysis with friends
Fortune forecasting for career and love
Data privacy and security emphasis
Decentralized storage solution (DIDSpaces)
Astronomy integration
Personalized advice based on zodiac
Emotions, wealth, and career coverage
Offer NFTs collection
Community participation and airdrops
Available on App Store and Google Play


Emphasizes data privacy but centralized
Dependent on device/system performance
No API access mentioned
No multi-language support
Reliant on planetary movements
Lacks advanced customization options
Issues with compatibility can arise
Limited scope of predictions
NFT features may confuse users
Possible data discrepancies


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Can Aistro make predictions based on my zodiac traits?
Does Aistro offer a collection of NFTs?
How can I participate in Aistro's community airdrops?
Is Aistro available for download on both the App Store and Google Play?
How does Aistro ensure data privacy and security?
What engagement features does Aistro offer?
What kind of personalized advice does Aistro provide based on my zodiac traits?
Can Aistro predict my career success based on astrology?
How does Aistro utilize the guidance of the stars?
Can Aistro help enhance my relationships through star chart analysis?

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