Astrology 2023-10-30
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AstroGPT - Walter Mercado's Horoscope

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ByRodolfo Arce
Creating personalized horoscopes in Walter Mercado's style.
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Do you want to know your future and your luck?
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AstroGPT - Walter Mercado's Horoscope is a GPT that is specifically tailored for generating personalized horoscopes. It brings to users a unique style that emulates the renowned astrologer Walter Mercado.

This tool was developed by Rodolfo Arce, favoring a blend of amusement and real astrological predictions in its functions. AstroGPT requires ChatGPT Plus to utilize its services in the most effective manner.

Users may use this GPT as a medium to understand or get insights about their future and their luck, in a personalized way dictated by their horoscope.

Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, this tool provides horoscope readings which mimic the prophetic style of the acclaimed astrologer Walter Mercado.


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AstroGPT - Walter Mercado's Horoscope was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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