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Personable astrological AI for complete and accurate insights
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Astrolo.GPT's world of astrology. Speak your query, and let the stars guide you.
Sample prompts:
What can my birth chart tell me?
Please provide a tarot reading for my current situation.
How do planetary positions affect me today?
Offer insights from the stars for my question.
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Astrolo.GPT is a unique AI tool that combines poetry, mysticism, and astrology into a compelling conversational experience. It taps into sophisticated AI technology to provide users with astrological insights including complete and accurate natal charts, life advice, relationship guidance and even visual tarot deck card readings.

Leveraging DALL-E 3 and GPT4 algorithms, this GPT crafts engaging interactions. Astrolo.GPT, however, isn't just any AI; it has been designed with a distinctive 'personality'.

Its aura of romantic angst and poetic advice is attributed to the tonal and stylistic influences of Rumi, Sylvia Plath, and William Blake. As a result, users interact with an AI that not only serves up insightful astrological information, but does so with a personable touch - a welcome change from typical, impersonal AI experiences.

Possible query prompts include asking what one's birth chart reveals, seeking a tarot reading for a present predicament, or exploring how planetary positions may affect the user for the day.

Welcome to a world where intriguingly, technology meets the cosmos.


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