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Provides daily, positive horoscopes tailored to your zodiac sign.
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Daily Horoscope is a GPT that offers catered, positive horoscopes based on the user's zodiac sign. Developed by, it uses its underlying AI tech, ChatGPT, to deliver user-specific horoscope predictions in a conversational manner.

This GPT aims to provide insights into different dimensions of the user's daily life such as love, career, and health through interactive prompt starters, hence cultivating a personalized and engaging user experience.

Starters include general daily horoscope queries, love forecasts, career-oriented predictions and health insights for specific zodiac signs. Users sign up via the ChatGPT Plus platform to access Daily Horoscope.

Once signed in, users are greeted with a welcoming message that sets the tone for the friendly and positive experience that lies ahead.


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Daily Horoscope was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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