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Bylionel nemeth
Expert astrology readings in French.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Prêt pour votre horoscope en français? Partagez vos détails ou demandez une lecture générale.
Sample prompts:
Quel est mon horoscope pour aujourd'hui?
Comment sera ma semaine selon les étoiles?
Pouvez-vous me dire mon ascendant?
Que réserve l'avenir pour mon signe?
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Guide Astrologique is a GPT that combines the fields of artificial intelligence and astrology. The central aspect of this GPT is providing astrology readings in French.

It is an interactive tool designed to converse with users and provide them with astrological insights based on the information shared. For instance, users can inquire about their daily horoscope, the forecast for their week according to the stars, or deep diving matters such as figuring out their ascendant or what the future holds for their zodiac sign.

Designed as a French language tool, it can be accessible to a wide Francophone audience.The GPT operates upon the interaction between the user and the ChatGPT platform.

By initiating a conversation with the GPT, users can get personalized astrological readings. It offers a unique blend of AI technology and astrology, allowing users to gain astrological insights in an interactive and engaging way.

While it encompasses a wide scope of astrological queries, the user experience is enhanced by the tool's welcoming message and prompt starters. The welcoming message greets and invites users to share details for a personal reading or ask for a general reading.

The prompt starters provide a guideline on potential questions, stimulating users to engage in in-depth conversations regarding their astrological matters.

It's important to note that accessing Guide Astrologique requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Guide Astrologique, therefore, constitutes a practical tool for those with an interest in astrology, and it is particularly serviceable for French-speaking users looking for astrological guidance.


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Guide Astrologique was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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