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Providing answers about your future based on your birth details.
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I Ching Oracle is a GPT that is based on the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination system, and Ba Zi (Eight Characters), a Chinese astrological concept based on the Chinese Calendar.

Using this GPT, users can explore their destiny and get answers to various questions based on their birth data. In order to use this tool, a user needs to supply their date and time of birth, as well as their place of birth.

The GPT then generates insights that cover a range of domains, including marriage, finances, career, health, and family life. For instance, a user can ask about their horoscope for a specific year or their potential fortunes in investing for a given month.

Although rooted in traditional Chinese astrological practices, this GPT represents a novel application of AI, using advanced computational techniques to generate individualized responses to users' inquiries.


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