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Astrology-savvy fortune teller
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Stellar Oracle is a GPT that specializes in astrology-based fortune-telling. Developed by, its primary function is to provide users with astrology readings and future predictions.

Stellar Oracle incorporates the user's specific astrological information, such as their zodiac sign and birth date, to provide unique and personalized responses.

Each interaction with this GPT requires a user to mention their star sign and related inquiries - these could range from career prospects to love life projections.

A notable feature of Stellar Oracle is that it supports multi-language communication, engaging with users in their native language for a personalized consultation.

The GPT primarily addresses questions about astrology and star signs, includings ones about career trajectories, love life predictions, compatibility between different zodiac signs, or general updates on astrological events like Mercury retrograde.

By doing so, the GPT helps users understand how their star signs might impact their daily life.While intended for entertainment and informative purposes, Stellar Oracle may also offer some insight into users' personal and professional lives.

However, it should be noted that results provided by Stellar Oracle are AI-based and should be considered for entertainment purposes and not as hard-fact guidance.

Operating through ChatGPT Plus interface, the Stellar Oracle GPT is extension of OpenAI's versatile language model, ChatGPT.


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Stellar Oracle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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